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Alkali Lake in the heart of the Lower Grand Coulee on a clear day in early evening summer light _ pix by John GlasscoIntroduction: Located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, ECO-NOMIC has managed the environmental assessment and remediation of a wide range of properties over the last twenty years. Besides publishing standard phase 1 and phase 2 environmental reports, our scope of work has included forensic site reconstruction, chemical cleanup of a range of farm and industrial sites plus cleanup of public lands and state parks. We perform environmental assessment of municipal property for sale and check high risk property such as former military and defense sites (FUDS). Few tasks in the environmental field are beyond the scope of this company and its associated experts. Besides cleanup work, ECO-NOMIC designs standard and alternative septic systems for environmentally difficult sites, specializing in resorts.

How We Work: We at ECO-NOMIC favor the conservative approach to environmental assessment and remediation projects. In spite of a gyrating economy and shifting political winds, true environmental problems persist through it all. The biggest environmental problems arise when decisions are made by people who don't know, dismiss or defer the true cost of taking certain risks. There are many tools available now to help us understand environmental risks partly based on the economic consequences of mistakes by others. We will uncover a responsible path through the environmental field to support your main operation. Our goal is finding permanent solutions to environmental problems thus erasing them from concern.

The Challenge: In spite of the current greening fad most people still consider green investment speculative. The environmental field is still a relatively new area for most. The truth is most people could not name a single ecosystem and we all pass through them daily.

Why: The need for environmental assessment may come as a surprise notice from the government, or a bank. Some companies want to shift their operations to be more compatible with growing environmental thinking and laws. The focus of our work is not to strike a balance, picture of Eco-nomic coverage area for response to urgent environmental concerns but rather to strike a high note for our clients. Both of our conservative natures are nourished and overall conditions are improved.

Where We Work: Located between Seattle and Spokane, the Columbia River Basin is the State's food production and food storage and soon data storage headquarters. The Hanford Site where the plutonium production facility for the Manhattan Project was built in 1943 is forty miles south of our office. The Grand Coulee Dam is twenty miles to the north of here. The strengthening local economic climate is allowing our mainly agricultural focus to shift into high-tech businesses through the obvious benefits of reliable, reasonable cost hydro power. Plus, the Columbia Basin is a playground. Here can be found all the recreational delights that one would expect to find in a world class resort set in the grand landscape of the inland Pacific Northwest.


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Lately I am developing a resume of past work. Here is a start using designs from some years ago:

This design for a Gravity Zero space station was one of my early designs for a Walking City.


Gravity Zero Space Station and dodecahedron shaped speaker as part of my resume









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