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Winery Gravity Septic System




Most agricultural operations like commercial or small private wineries do not have steady flows. Instead, they produce bursts of high-strength wastewater only at certain times of the year.

The bottling phase of wine making involves washing and cooling with high flows. During the crush high strength wastewater is produced with high BOD (biological oxygen demand) due largely to sugars and high organic content.

Septic systems are by law designed to treat the highest anticipated daily waste strength and volume. This requires that winery septic systems must have sufficient septic tank and drainfield capacity to handle the high seasonal flows, even though only for brief times of the year.

This module includes standard formulas to determine the design flow, septic tank size, and drainfield requirements for wineries based on the number of cases produced per year. This septic system is dedicated only for the wine making operation and does not include the bathrooms and sinks of the tasting room or any other food service. Most jurisdictions do not allow the mixing of domestic and industrial waste streams, so separate systems are usually required.

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