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Adding a Simple WC & Gravity Septic to Small Commercial Operation




Small commercial operations appear on the edges of towns and cities. Many of these locations do not have access to municipal sewers. Extending municipal utilities is expensive. Clusters of small commercial businesses may not generate sufficient tax revenue to fund the sewer extensions, lift stations, and three phase power required by municipal regulations.

This is why small onsite septic systems may be the ideal solution for short to medium term sanitary services for small suburban businesses such as building contractors, car dealers, construction suppliers, and specialty shops. This type of operation usually needs a single or double washroom consisting only of toilets and sinks. Some operations may use water as part of their operation, and these uses may be accommodated within the local health restrictions and guidelines as well.

This module contains three different examples where sanitary needs were met using the cheapest gravity designs in the space that was available. Eco-Nomic.

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