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No Pump Gravity Transport line Septic Siphon for Level Sites




On a dead level site, there are two situations that usually require an electric sewage pump including a control panel, float control, and a concrete pump chamber.

First, when a shop or studio with a toilet and sink is added to an existing homesite, the new building may be too far away to connect to the existing septic tank and drainfield by gravity. Adding a toilet and sink to empty into an existing septic system usually does not require a larger drainfield if no bedrooms are added to the construction. An existing septic system according to most health authorities can accommodate additional toilets and sinks if it is for the same population on the site.

Also, in a situation where a drainfield has failed, and the only available replacement area for the new drainfield is too far away from the tank to reach by gravity, space for an expensive pump chamber is usually required.

However, on a level site and with an existing gravity system, an inverted siphon transport line may solve both problems.

The owner of Futuro built a studio with a toilet and sink over 300 feet from the main house and the septic tank and drainfield for the property. A new second septic tank was placed at the new studio with an inverted siphon transport line delivering effluent from the studio directly into the existing drainfield without the need for a pump.  

Lavender has a drainfield about 200 feet from the septic tank. The effluent line from the tank crosses the front yard to the more favorable soil for the drainfield. Moving the effluent to an area of more favorable soil may be much cheaper than trying to build a more complex drainfield where the building may be located because of architectural reasons.

Shepherd had a drainfield that was built on an adjacent property. They had to apply for an alteration to replace the drainfield but the area near the house was already developed, and no nearby area was available. The old tank was abandoned, and a fiberglass tank was used to replace it due to the difficulty of getting the boom truck into the landscaped site to deliver a concrete tank. The nearest available location for the drainfield was found over 100 feet from the original tank location, so an inverted siphon transport line was provided eliminating the need for a pump. Eco-Nomic.

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