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Pot Farm Manager House and Workstations Gravity Septic




Pot Farm is a sanitary plan for a rural cannabis grow and processing facility. These rural operations are springing up across the US as each state legalizes the production and sale of medical and/or recreational marijuana. Today, most states, Washington D.C., and all of Canada allow some form of legal cannabis production and possession. Most state and provincial laws now or soon will require at least one full time residence for caretaking and security where cannabis is grown. A safe and legal water supply and specially designed sanitary facilities are also required for employees and for general sanitation at workstations.

The drawings and specifications in the Pot Farm Septic System show how the septic system and the group water system fit together within the context of a commercial Marijuana grow facility. The full-time and non-resident populations are calculated using standard septic charts and instructions which are included with the drawings and specs. The calculations and notes show how daily sewage flow is incorporated into the septic design and drawings for the facility. Our daily flow volumes are our reasonable conservative averages picked from many state and provincial rules and guidelines. Eco-Nomic.

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