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Dog Kennel Gravity Septic System


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A kennel can be a private or a municipal facility. This septic system design produces non-domestic liquid waste with specific characteristics to consider in the system design. Read through the report included with this design titled: An Introduction to Non-Domestic Septic Design to learn about how these types of systems may or may not be regulated, and if they are, what the design should contain.

The arguments that onsite septic systems, domestic or non-domestic, are inferior or less safe than large municipal systems from a public health perspective is not supported by any published study. Everything goes somewhere, after all. Municipal sewage treatment does not mean better treatment. Onsite septic systems treat sewage using the same bacteria as used in large municipal treatment plants. Also, onsite systems are smaller in size and decentral in scale. This prevents massive discharge to the environment when inevitable overloads happen. The scant evidence suggests that decentral septic systems can be safer than large municipal treatment systems.

Dog kennels require daily washing down, and dog waste has unique characteristics that must be considered. Our plans fully detail these issues and show how your plans can be drawn to appeal to local and regional health regulators.

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