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New Conventional Gravity Septic Systems



Only a few years ago all septic systems utilized gravity distribution to dispose of sewage effluent. Lately this design is still very much in use and will always be around. This is especially true in deep loamy soils where pressure distribution within the drainfield offers no treatment advantage. The four examples in this section include designs for average type conventional residential septic designs including repairs to older systems.

Many local health jurisdictions these days want to see a cross-section of the drainfield soil profile. The drawings in this chapter include several types of soil conditions and soil depths which will require a range of notes on the septic plans or presentation drawings. These standard specifications include minimum and maximum trench depths and many other details. The septic system drawings are now part of any formal application for construction of a new house. The drawing templates included here can be easily made specific to your location and its rules. If any part of these templates is made a part of say an application for a regulated septic system, make sure with a call to local health, that the person submitting them is able to prepare a complete application and is properly qualified to do so.

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