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Septic Systems for Worker Housing


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Lately, there is a strong demand for oil patch workers, mineworkers, and farm workers. Comfortable housing with reliable services plays an important role in hanging on to good seasonal and semi-permanent workers. County, provincial, and state agencies are coming up with new standards for this form of housing all the time where there were none in the past.

Besides charts and instructions, this module provides three examples of worker housing septic systems with full construction plans. Our plans include how to design septic systems to manage the gallons of water used by each worker (and therefore the sewage volume) per day. Multiply this number of US gallons by the number of workers for the system design capacity. Other details explain how the septic system handles kitchen and cooking wastewater. The plans include how to design and how to plumb special equipment such as a grease interceptor into the septic system.

We include information about the water system too, how to prevent cross-connections, and how to plan-ahead for expansion.

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