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Rural Truck & Car Wash Septic System



Rural Truck & Car Wash Septic System

Commercial and industrial septic systems are designed and regulated differently than standard residential septic systems. Farm, industrial, and commercial (non-residential) type septic systems can potentially discharge a different class of contaminants into the environment than domestic systems. This is a public health issue, and a concern for departments of environmental quality. Many counties and regions are just now coming up-to-speed with this issue.

This complete construction set details and specs each part of the Car Wash septic system with notes and instructions.

Non-domestic septic systems can be used where legally allowed, to solve the problem of collecting, treating, and disposing of essentially industrial strength wastewater. The car wash septic system is an example of this situation. The gravel separator and the grease interceptor help condition the sewage for disposal and treatment in the drainfield. We detail and spec each part of the septic system in this construction set.

We did not forget details like providing access for maintenance and inspections. We include clear instructions on calculating the system size based on the number of washing bays and hours of operation. We show how to fit the drainfield into the layout and how to protect it from traffic in a busy commercial setting.

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