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GTO System Spreadsheets




With our spreadsheets, professional engineers, septic designers, contractors, and homeowners
designing pressure septic systems, can master one of the largest hurdles in the field of septic system
design – pump selection. Microsoft™ Excel™ spreadsheets are easy to use to select pumps from ALL
pump manufacturers. Plug in your design details like orifice spacing, transport line length, etc. into the
pale yellow boxes. The spreadsheet instantly calculates the gallons per minute and feet of dynamic head
your pump will need. These spreadsheets work for all single family homes, duplexes, and all commercial
projects like apartments, factories, shops, RV parks, campgrounds, schools, and churches. Pump on
times in minutes, and off times in hours are included for timed dosing apps. Basic instructions included
for those not familiar with spreadsheets.

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