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GTO Gravity Septic Design Systems




GTO Gravity Septic Design Systems provide safe and practical solutions for sanitary needs, without any public health risk.

This product includes all 16 Design Categories as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. New Conventional Gravity
  3. Gravel Vs. Vaults
  4. Limited Soil Depth Available
  5. Adding a Shop to a Home System
  6. House & Shop sewer water conflicts
  7. Cramped & Tight Site
  8. Extremely Gravelly Soils
  9. Repair- save the old drainfield if you can
  10. Tiny Shop or Office WC- traffic rated
  11. Siphon Transport system- No Pump
  12. Worker Housing
  13. Pot Farm same as Poorman
  14. Rural Truck & Car Wash
  15. Kennel
  16. Winery
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