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Septic System Plans  



small picture of GTO System Excel Spreadsheets

GTO System Excel Spreadsheets
Select pumps from ANY pump manufacturer.Full instructions
for filling in all of the blanks for all Pressure Systems
large or small Includes pump on & off times for timed dosing

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The GTO System. Finally Universal septic system plans for
f99% of all pressure situations mounds, sand-filters, beds,
trenches, gravel, vaults. Drawings in CAD.dxf & PDFs &
s for Engineers, Designers, Health Departments,
Builders, Soil Scientists, and DIY Homeowners

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Complete Septic Graphic Standards for Health
Departments and Regulators

For the FIRST TIME universal graphic standards. Complete
package for designing/ checking systems, setting policy, print hand
outs. Excel, CAD DXF & PDFs

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Septic Systems for Larger Rural Homes
Rural homes are not what they used to be. Health Departments know
this. Designing systems to meet the newer tougher regulations requires
special knowledge of shortcuts and the tools contained in this package.

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Septic Systems for Waterfront Lots and Very Tight Sites
Ever get yourself in a jam? These ideas & designs may save your
bacon on these special cramped small lots found everywhere, especially
around lakes & golf courses.

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Septic Systems for the Small Shop/ Office
Though these systems are usually small and simple getting approval
for any application is no longer easy. Help is here when you order
our CAD plans & PDFs. Local health may still give small commercial
a break.

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Vault & Gravel GTO CAD Drawing Archive
Most septic systems are gravity. Eco-nomic has spent 20 years developing
hundreds of drawings for all types of systems. Here are the templates we
use on a daily basis. We include many gravity site plans, but every site
plan is unique.Use our plans to make professional 8.5 x 11 prints using
your own printer and any CAD program.

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